The SQN was created to provide members with full access to a complete network of Data Vault 2.0 tools, services, and the necessary training needed to leverage one of BI’s most powerful tools within their own organization as well as client’s organizations. This perfect blend of expertise, applicable knowledge within the field, and a wide depth of available resources build on SQN’s mission of giving members everything they need to utilize Data Vault 2.0 effectively while promoting its use across a variety of industries.

SQN Members include:

  • Advisory Board
  • Consulting firms
  • Universities
  • Vendors
  • End-Use Clients

Key Facets of Membership:

  • Exclusive access to Scalefree’s Competence Center
  • On-Demand Project Support
  • Access to in-depth expertise regarding Data Vault 2.0 adoption
  • Opportunities to build more successful partnerships within the network

Bronze Level SQN Partners are an integral aspect of expansion within the network and work to highlight the success of Data Vault 2.0 towards potential partners as well as clients.

Silver Level SQN Partners allow organizations across the world to leverage the BI power of Data Vault 2.0 by implementing the system within client organizations directly.

Gold Level SQN Partners work directly with Scalefree’s dedicated teams to help bring Data Vault 2.0 to clients while ensuring project quality is at its peak.

SQN Partners

solvistas represents itself as a modern data science company. It develops software solutions and provides services regarding conventional data science areas like analytics, data management, business intelligence and software development. Moreover, the performance range comprises all state-of-the-art areas like Digital Transformation, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Industry 4.0. Data Science helps companies to give answers to business critical questions by providing a profound basis for decisions.

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