About the Client

The company is one of Europe’s largest sellers of sportswear, operating both B2B and B2C sectors. It procures clothing in bulk from major manufacturers, distributing to small-scale resellers for retail.

Problem Statement

For several years, the company has implemented Data Vault 2.0 in its retail sector in collaboration with Scalefree. Previously, data warehouses for retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) operated separately. Recognizing the benefits of a unified approach, they’ve opted to consolidate into a single data warehouse going forward.

  • To consolidate the DWHs they have to harmonize the data from retail and wholesale
  • With multiple DWHs, it is way more effort to analyze company data

The Challenge

The project faced three major challenges:

  • Limited data access: Access was restricted to scripts and SQL statements from the existing Data Warehouse.
  • Integration complexities: Existing B2C Data Vault 2.0 structures required evaluation for integration into wholesale operations.
  • Business rule identification and documentation were crucial but complex tasks within the project.

The Solution

There was a need to extract all available metadata and prepare it for Scalefree’s TurboVault4dbt and DataVault4dbt tools. Using TurboVault4dbt enabled the client to present metadata data clearly, engaging business users in Data Vault 2.0 modeling early on. Despite lacking practical implementation, Scalefree was able to communicate the latest modeling progress and challenges to the client effectively.

The given model and meta datasheet represents a working skeleton for the consolidated data warehouse:
Working skeleton for the consolidated data warehouse

Tangible Results for the Client

At the project’s conclusion, the client received comprehensive documentation of all their metadata, including modeling. Additionally, graphical models were created for each datat source. All necessary business rules were documented and handed over, serving as a blueprint for the subsequent implementation project, conducted in collaboration with Scalefree.

The working skeleton represents not only a high level but also a detailed blueprint of the future data warehouse, which can be used in the future to evaluate design questions and a instruction for building a DWH.

Technologies involved

  • dbt
  • datavault4dbt
  • turbovault4dbt

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