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Snowflake Computing, the cloud data warehousing company, has reinvented the data warehouse for the cloud and today’s data. The Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse is built from the cloud up with a new architecture that delivers the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of Big Data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud – at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Snowflake is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

dbt™ is a SQL-first transformation workflow that lets teams quickly and collaboratively deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation. Now anyone on the data team can safely contribute to production-grade data pipelines.

VaultSpeed provides a best-in-class data warehouse automation solution to speed up the data integration process, building on the Data Vault 2.0 methodology. Enterprise customers worldwide rely on VaultSpeed to simplify the creation and maintenance of their data warehouse. ​The tool combines a no-code model-driven approach for the data vault 2.0 patterns with a powerful template engine that can also be used to automate the presentation area.

The tool integrates with most popular ETL tools, hundreds of data sources, and top choices for cloud data stores like Snowflake, Microsoft Synapse, Databricks, and Google BigQuery.  ​

VaultSpeed is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, with offices in Seattle, US and Vilnius, Lithuania. ​

WhereScape data automation software accelerates the design, build and documentation of complex data ecosystems. We orchestrate disparate data sources across any platform to produce accurate reporting in hours, not weeks. With data increasing in volume and complexity, agile data management is now a must for digital business. Data automation is essential for seamless i­­­ntegration with cloud and big data environments, reducing the dependence on manual handoffs and human error for fast and accurate BI. Using a drag and drop GUI that democratises access to data warehouse development, WhereScape automatically writes faultless, native code.

Coalesce’s unique code-first, GUI-driven user experience enables data experts to transform their Snowflake data in a new way. Users can leverage column-aware metadata for accelerating data transformations and the creation of database objects such as dimensions. Lose no flexibility with an as-code approach to edit, package, and share automation templates across your entire team. Take a look to see how Coalesce can help you build more efficiently, with better governance, and less manual coding.

Talend (NASDAQ: TLND) is a next-generation leader in cloud and big data integration software that helps companies turn data into a strategic asset that delivers real-time, organization-wide insight into customers, partners, and operations. Through its open, native, and unified integration platform, Talend delivers the data agility required for companies to meet the constantly evolving demands of modern business. With Talend, companies can easily scale their data infrastructure and rapidly adopt the latest technology innovations in cloud and big data. Talend’s solutions support over 1500 global enterprise customers including Air France, GE, and Lenovo, across a range of industries.

Data is everywhere. And every day, industry and government are challenged to ride this data tidal wave. They have to manage both the massive risks and opportunities that come with high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that power their processes, technologies and ultimately their people. At erwin, data is our business. It’s all we do. It’s all we’ve ever done. Given this expertise and our customers’ needs, we’re focused on data governance as the guiding principle and underlying technology to mitigate risk and realize peak business performance.

Altova® accelerates application development and data management projects with software and solutions that enhance productivity and maximize results. As an innovative, customer-focused company and the creator of XMLSpy and other leading XML, data management, UML, and Web services tools, Altova is the choice of over 2 million clients worldwide, including virtually every Fortune 500 company. Enabling customers ranging from vast development teams in the world’s largest organizations to progressive one-person shops, Altova’s line of software tools fulfills a broad spectrum of business needs. Altova is an active member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Object Management Group (OMG) and is committed to delivering standards-based platform-independent solutions that are powerful, affordable, and easy to use.

MANTA’s key to success is its ability to understand custom programming code and describe the transformation logic behind it. MANTA collects all the metadata in your BI environment and creates a detailed visualization. It can even read environments that are packed with messy custom code and use multiple technologies. MANTA can be used by companies with large BI environments for data warehouse optimization, lowering costs, creating impact analyses, and documenting data to achieve complete regulatory compliance (including the new and feared GDPR!). This tool, being fully automated, can also save you hours of time by eliminating manual labor and increasing efficiency.

EasyMorph is a visual data transformation and task automation application designed from the ground up for people without a technical background. With EasyMorph, business users and data experts automate complex data transformations and routine or repetitive tasks. No knowledge of SQL or programming is required — designing is 100% visual. As a result of analyzing of hundreds of real-life cases and continuous improvements, EasyMorph has more than 100 built-in configurable actions and transformations that allow designing workflows of virtually any complexity in a very short time. The application helps non-technical users to reduce their dependency on corporate IT departments, and spend less time on tedious data-related tasks.