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Achieve clarity and security for all critical decisions related to your project and organization overall. Attain a high level of understanding about what opportunities different technologies and data solutions can offer.


The Data Strategy Workshop is a tailored experience to you and your team, focusing on your currently urgent tasks and relevant topics to your project. Within two to three working days on-site, we answer critical questions of your choosing, such as:

  • How can Data Vault be integrated into your project?
  • Is our current plan the right one? Which points should be discussed?
  • What possibilities does Data Vault 2.0 offer for your data warehouse?
  • What can you do now to improve your current infrastructure or processes?
  • What would be a well developed strategy for your company and what needs consideration?
  • What is essential to pay attention to and what exactly does a suitable architecture look like?

Workshop Timeline

Book your Data Strategy Workshop.

We set up a call with a Senior Expert at Scalefree and your team in which we will agree on a fitting agenda for your team.

Workshop on-site (or remote if requested) is organized and conducted. You get the answers you need.

Achieve the success of your solution.
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The following solutions are common scenarios our clients look for when booking a Data Strategy Workshop. They can be efficiently combined and adjusted to your needs. Other possible subjects are: Data Modeling, Architecture, Source Systems, Methodology, Agility, Implementation, Evaluation, Recommendation and many others.

Data Vault 2.0 Workshop

Do you want to get a better understanding on how Data Vault can fit into your organization and which advantages it brings to the table? This workshop is for you.

  • Initial situation and goals
  • Suitable architectures for Data Vault 2.0
  • Automation in Data Vault 2.0
  • Data Vault 2.0 Modeling
  • Recommended actions for implementation
  • Q&A session

Data Vault 2.0 Automation Workshop

When you want to make sure, that adding your chosen automation tool for Data Vault 2.0 to your existing environment is a success, this workshop is for you.

  • Initial situation and goals
  • General functionality of your chosen automation tool
  • How the tool fits in your existing DevOps environment
  • Automation tool deep dive
  • Q&A session
  • This workshop can also be combined with the general setup of the tool.

Data Migration Workshop

Migrating to a cloud environment or to another new environment? This workshop goes through your existing and target system and gives you recommendations on how the migration project will be successful.

  • Initial situation and goals
  • Evaluate the source system
  • Evaluate the target system
  • Project methodology
  • Project team setup
  • Creating a project timeline
  • Next steps and Q&A session

Workshop Case Studies


Man with headset and laptop

“We received an extremely valuable insight into the Data Vault methodology and also designed the appropriate reference architecture. Important questions were answered in order to define the next steps for a successful project.”

Wolfram Eulberg
Team Leader Business Intelligence at TSR Recycling GmbH & Co. KG


Security for your data warehouse solution.


6.000 €

Goal setting
Initial situation
System evaluation
Automation tools
Actions to take
Q&A session


9.000 €

Goal setting
Initial situation
System evaluation
Automation tools
Actions to take
Q&A session
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Vault 2.0, and why should I consider it for my organization?

Data Vault 2.0 is a system of Business Intelligence containing the necessary components needed to accomplish enterprise vision in Data Warehousing and Information Delivery.

Who is this workshop designed for?

Everyone who considers building a proper data strategy for data warehousing and information delivery processes.

What can I expect to learn from this workshop?

A strategy which answers your initial questions. This can be the decision of what modeling technique to use for the data warehouse, or if you already have a data warehouse, but more specific requirements, for example: how to deal with multi-temporality?

How is this workshop delivered?

Either on-site or remote. Usually in 2-3 days.

Do I need any prior experience in data warehousing or modeling to attend this workshop?

A workshop is used to figure out the best data strategy for your requirements. Depending on the focus of the workshop it may be required to have some prior experience in data warehousing and modeling. But, we will plan together the whole workshop upfront that different expertised people can attend on different days if that is necessary.

What specific topics can be covered in the workshop, and how customizable is the content according to our organization's needs?

The workshop can cover a range of topics, including Team Communication, Project Agility, Data Models, Architecture, Source Systems, Change Management, Implementation, Evaluation, Project Recommendation, Data Modeling, Methodology and many others. The content is highly customizable, allowing us to tailor the workshop to address your organization’s specific challenges and goals effectively.

Who are the instructors, and what are their qualifications?

Our data experts are trained and certified in Data Warehousing with focus on Data Vault 2.0. In addition, they have several years of experience in Data Warehousing projects and access to the Scalefree knowledge base.

Is there a certification or recognition for completing the workshop?

No. But we will work together on whiteboards, flip charts, or even excel sheets and virtual whiteboards in remote sessions.

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