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DataVault4dbt Powered by Scalefree

The official DV2.0 dbt package by the team of Michael Olschimke

Check our package now at the dbt Hub,
and install datavault4dbt with just two lines of code!

Visit the dbt HubVisit the dbt Hub

Based on years of experience

Our experts load data vault entities in different environments every day. Profit from it with datavault4dbt!

Adapting to heterogenous data landscapes

CDC, transient-,  or persistent sources – datvault4dbt can handle them all!

Sticking to the Data Vault 2.0 Standards

The recommended and future-proof ways of how to do Data Vault.

High integrated customizability

Make datavault4dbt fit with your environment – with many global variables.

Why should you choose datavault4dbt over competitors?

Because with datavault4dbt everything just works!

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An open-source package for the data warehouse automation tool dbt.
A quick and easy-to-use solution to implement performant data vault solutions.

  • Based on years of experience of loading data vault entities
  • Handling CDC Data, transient sources and persistent sources to adapt to heterogenous data landscapes
  • Sticking to the standards of Data Vault 2.0 and hence being compatible with a wide variety of reference information
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Create your metadata tables and switch from manual model writing to automated model generation.

Make your datavault4dbt implementation even faster with turbovault4dbt.

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How can i start using datavault4dbt?

What databases are currently supported by datavault4dbt?

Which Data Vault entities are included in datavault4dbt?

Datavault4dbt currently includes macros for

  • Stages,
  • Hubs,
  • Links,
  • Satellites,
  • Non-Historized Links and Satellites,
  • Multi-Active Satellites,
  • Record-Tracking Satellites and Point-in-Time Tables (PITs).

All those macros are supported by a wide set of back-end macros.

How can I customize datavault4dbt to make it fit into my special data environment?

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