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From Source Data to Report Within Four Weeks.

Scalefree Proof of concept

For your project, it is critical to utilize solutions that are developed together with your team in the proof of concept to develop clarity and a valid plan for your project. Thus this ensures that the effort spent is worthwhile, creates valuable insights and delivers an actionable plan.

To begin, the proof of concept is created on the basis of an initial task, which will be implemented in two to four weeks and of which is related to your current project. From there, the Scalefree consultants will work together with you and your team to develop solutions which can be implemented for all further challenges.

A proof of concept provides you with immediately actionable results in the form of reports that you and your company can implement immediately.

The proof of concept stands for:

  • Risk minimization for decision bases and budgeting
  • Validation of critical application requirements
  • Acceptance test of the application in cooperation with manufacturers and partners.
  • A prototype that serves as a basis for better communication in the project team regarding concrete facets rather than abstract models.

Typical Questions answered in a Proof of Concept:

  • Is your project feasible in principle?
  • What hurdles arise and how do we deal with them?
  • Would a proof of feasibility provide security for further tasks?
  • What has to be considered when creating a prototype and how can it be integrated within Data Vault correctly?
  • Does everything fit into the planned architecture or can it still be improved?
  • What Technology is the best fit for your company?

During the proof of concept period, you will receive solutions to questions such as those above and all other questions that you may have during the Proof of Concept period as well as much more!
On the basis of the Proof of Concept, the effort of the  upcoming project or milestones can be realistically calculated. To find out how we support you to make your project a success read further on Project Consulting.


A PROOF OF CONCEPT can be accomplished in many facets of your project, all tailored entirely according to your needs

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