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It is a fact of life that no one enjoys waiting.
When left to wait too long, people will often opt for a quick solution rather than a correct one.
Within a company, this will lead to inconsistent data warehouse “solutions” in your operations. To avoid this, an agile approach with managed self-service BI is essential. With it, you can maintain a good relationship with power users while  building a governed enterprise BI solution for better decision-making.

Typical Issues in Data Warehouse Projects

Almost every data warehouse project faces the same dilemma of implementing new requirements with limited human resources. This is a constant as new requirements will always occur given information marts cannot cover every type of query.
Another issue faced is features that affect only a small group of business users. Nevertheless, it is important for those who demand it.

Overcome These Issues with Managed Self-Service BI

Managed self-service BI, or mSSBI, is a great solution for these kinds of issues.
This approach enables power users ,e.g. data scientists, the opportunity to implement their solutions on their own. For that purpose, different tools and technologies are provided to implement the new functionalities as fast and as easy as possible. In this way, there are many advantages for everyone involved:

  • Greater flexibility for power users
  • Less dependency on IT
  • Faster implementation of requirements
  • Relief of IT
  • Better planning of IT resources

Building Your Business’ BI Solution with Data Vault 2.0

The major benefit of utilizing Data Vault 2.0 within your own solutions is its inherent agile methodology.
Simplified, requested raw data is provided and added to the Raw Data Vault model. After, if necessary, Business Vault structures are built on top of it.

The Power User then decides independently which data they want to use:

  • Raw Data
  • Business Data 
  • Their own business rules on the raw data

Fortunately, all the data is fully integrated with their business keys so the power user can also join it with raw data from specific source systems. With Data Vault 2.0, it is possible to integrate new data in an agile manner to provide it to the power user for a managed self-service BI task.

Achieving Results for Your Business

It is essential to provide power users with the right set of tools. It is equally important that these tools are intuitive, easy to learn, and  maintained by IT.
This is where we can help your business.
We work with you to provide your team with the right tools tailored to your company’s requirements and needs.

Let us empower you!

Self-Service BI within the Data Vault 2.0 Architecture  

In most scenarios, business users are able to access the information marts. And as they become more familiar with the experience, they’ll eventually require more insight.
Within mSSBI, these users will be able to access every layer of the Data vault which allows them to create their own solutions.

The Advantage of User Spaces

In allowing users to create their own solutions, your company benefits from:

  • Transparent solutions 
  • Consistent monitoring of user spaces and solutions
  • Easy maintenance
  • Flexibility in use for power users
  • Greater write-back possibilities

 And when implemented with the Data Vault 2.0 standards, user spaces can easily meet all requirements regarding:

  • Security, 
  • Privacy 
  • Auditability

The Industrialization Process

To fully realize a managed Self-Service BI solution, your power users must be able to write-back data and information into their dedicated user spaces.
Though, during this period it is critical that your users are supported throughout the process to address any questions that may arise.
Once a working prototype is created in the space, IT will step in to review before the solution is industrialized and added to your information mart. Only after this process, can automation be applied.

Taking into consideration the many benefits of choosing mSSBI, its inherent place in every EDW becomes apparent.
So, if you’d like to learn how you implement mSSBI within your own company please contact [email protected] or …