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Salesforce is a sophisticated source system. The successful integration into a Data Warehouse can be dependent on the general understanding of the system and its typical capabilities and caveats.

In an agile environment like a Data Vault 2.0 project, this task is typically performed by a source system domain expert. But what happens when this role is not sufficiently available in your organization? Get a brief overview of the Salesforce platform from the perspective of an Enterprise Data Warehouse specialist.

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Webinar Agenda

1. Intro: Salesforce
2. Agile Team Roles
3. Data Vault Solutions

Meet the Speaker

Picture of Markus Lewandowski

Markus Lewandowski

Markus Lewandowski is a Consultant at Scalefree, who has over 6 Years experience in Salesforce development and administration. While also being a Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner (CDVP2™) he is taking a hybrid role as a Salesforce Specialist and DV 2.0 Practitioner. His main competences are Salesforce Process Automation, Application Integration and Data Management.

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