About the Client

The client was a large mobility and transport group with its core business being railways. They manage the most rail traffic in Germany and carry a huge amount of people as part of operations.

Problem Statement

The client bought a Wherescape license to integrate an instance of 3D and Red in their data warehouse development process. For the setup, the customer hired freelancers to implement it. Due to a lack of knowledge in the company, no one was willing to deal with the issues which were there due to an incorrect setup process.

The Challenge

The client wanted to have a Wherescape instance that works properly. Due to the addressed problems in the section above, the challenge was to initially set up Wherescape properly. The project also required secure implementation of the automation solution during the implementation of the data warehouse project process. Additionally, the knowledge about Wherescape has to be maintained to a specific degree in order to maintain the instance.

The Solution

Generally, the solution was a working Wherescape Red/3D Instance which was installed and prepared in a ten-day project and then implemented in further work sprints in the overall project. Additionally, Scalefree provided an expert which was available based on weekly requests of the customer. The main service of the Scalefree expert was the setup of the automation solution and the preparation as well as the connection with the data warehouse relevant data.

Tangible Results for the Client

With the correctly set up Wherescape instance, the client was able to:

  • Have a properly run data automation solution
  • Have a solid basis that can be used to develop more complex models
  • Benefit from a reduction in the time used for working on error states due to an incorrect installation of Wherescape

Technologies used

  • Wherescape (RED and 3D)
  • Oracle, PostgreSQL

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