About the Client

The client is a consulting company for capital investment processes and profit-oriented risk management. The company is active in asset/liability analyses, strategic capital investment planning, risk management, organization of capital investments, manager selection and IT/process consulting.

Problem Statement

  • The data quality was insufficient which was causing inconsistent delivery of KPI
  • There was no reliable security concept
  • Current Data Warehouse was causing many performance-related problems
  • Better compatibility of automation tools with Data Vault
  • Inconsistency of  old Data Warehouse with modern data ecosystems
  • Every new business rule required re-engineering in the old Data Warehouse which was an extremely time-consuming process

The Challenge

The client had the following challenges which Data Vault solved:

  • The existing model was not able to integrate some sources well
  • There were privacy concerns regarding GDPR 
  • A scalable BI practice was not achievable
  • The data was not achievable in a user-friendly way, meaning the client was unable to generate customized reports

The Solution

The client benefited from the following solutions:

  • The data must be available in a user-friendly format in order to satisfy business requirements which was achieved by Data Vault 2.0
  • Using one of the automation tools-in an efficient way is possible with Data Vault 2.0
  • Data Vault 2.0 fulfills all scalability and performance requirements
  • Saving time by avoiding re-engineering in case of new business rules

Tangible Results for the Client

The client achieved the following results with Data Vault 2:

  • Custom reports for end-users were acquired without any delay and error 
  • The client adopted rapid changing business rules without any re-engineering and saved time
  • A future-proof data warehouse was achieved was compatible with any automation tools

Technologies used

  • SQL Server 
  • Excel
  • PowerBI
  • Karlie
  • Jira

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