About the Client

The client is a leading technology and manufacturing company. This company creates smart solutions, pushing the digitalization and therefore supporting the departments by delivering a digital knowledge base.

Problem Statement

The company sought to obtain a comprehensive overview of its products and systems across all departments and end customers. The goals are to:

  • monitor the quality of supplied products and systems
  • ensure ongoing maintenance and quality.

Further, the client wants to improve service provision and provide custom offers to the corresponding department or customer, which potentially leads to cost reduction as well as revenue growth.

The Challenge

To achieve the goal and solve the problem, some challenges regarding the existing solution need to be addressed:

  • Poor data quality
  • Integration of data sources
  • Systemic deficiency in ensuring data reliability and integrity
  • Performance issues
  • Scalability issues

These challenges take on a special dimension, as they involve a wide range of heterogeneous source systems.

That’s why they were looking for a consulting partner, which provides knowledge and is also capable of promoting a suitable solution.

Client Customer Service and Maintenance

The Solution

To overcome the challenges, Scalefree assists the client by:

  • Collaborating with the client to create the data model
  • Integrating various data sources
  • Introducing dbt cloud with Scalefree’s Data Vault 2.0 package, datavault4dbt for standardized development processes
  • Creating dbt Macros and Models to integrate and relocate the business logics into the new solution approach to ensure data reliability and quality
  • Development of a strategy for the ETL process to meet the specified loading times and targets
Data Delivery Systems with Data Vault 2.0 Custom Business Logic

Tangible Results for the Client

By using the solution as a comprehensive approach to enhance customer experiences, the client is able to identify the relation between their products and systems across their departments and customers, which leads to tailored offerings, data-driven insights and automated processes.

It emphasizes the benefits of:

  • Streamlined production
  • Cost reduction and revenue growth
  • Compliance
  • Efficient decision-making through centralized data management.

Technologies involved

  • Snowflake
  • dbt Cloud with datavault4dbt
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps
  • Kafka
  • GitLab

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