About the Client

The client, a division of a prominent technology company, sought operational optimization through the migration and modernization from on-premise legacy warehouse technologies to the cloud.

Problem Statement

The client aims to enhance the delivery of data products across their organization, dealing with various source systems. However, their existing legacy technology presents multiple limitations. The following issues hinder their goals:

  • Costly Legacy Technology: Current systems incur high maintenance costs
  • Limited Scalability: Inability to scale operations slows down growth and responsiveness
  • Performance Problems: Existing solutions lack the needed efficiency

The Challenge

Aiming for an operational optimization, the client faced different obstacles:

  • Tight Deadline: The migration from on-premise to cloud demanded swift execution within a short timeframe
  • Technical Knowledge Gap: Limited familiarity with the new database and automation solutions complicated the transition
  • Complex Logic Migration: The intricate migration of certain data logics added complexity to the process

Overcoming these challenges required a strategic approach, emphasizing expertise and efficiency to ensure a successful and timely modernization effort.

The Solution

A comprehensive solution was devised by Scalefree to optimize operations through the modernization of their technology stack:

  • Implementation of dbt: Leveraging dbt facilitated the migration of complex logics, ensuring efficiency and accuracy
  • Automation of Repetitive Processes: Streamlining repetitive logics through automation enhanced overall productivity
  • Utilization of Snowflake Cloud Database: Harnessing the power of Snowflake enabled scalability and improved performance

This solution addressed challenges while emphasizing business value, ensuring a smooth, prompt, and scalable modernization process.

On Premise to the Cloud with dbt

Tangible Results for the Client

The client realized notable outcomes:

  • The migration was completed within the designated time frame, ensuring operational continuity
  • Knowledge transfer empowered the client’s IT workforce in utilizing dbt and Snowflake efficiently
  • The modernized technologies now contribute to enhanced cost-effectiveness, scalability, and performance, delivering significant business value

Technologies involved

  • Snowflake
  • dbt Cloud

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