About the Client

A leading manufacturer in Germany wanted to visualize and analyze their manufacturing quality across all plants for quality monitoring and to discover improvement opportunities in a data-driven way.

Problem Statement

The client needed a monitoring solution of the manufacturing process across all plants. The objective was to conduct monitoring and discover the root cause of production issues. The current reporting solution was provided by an outsourced team and was insufficient due to multiple reasons:

  • Time for feature deployments
  • Static reporting
  • Performance (long response time)
  • Analysis over multiple plants was not possible

The Challenge

Based on the previously mentioned problems, the business analysts and data scientists had a couple of challenges:

  • New KPI definitions couldn’t be analyzed because the current reporting solution didn’t provide them and feature requests took a long time
  • Ad-hoc analysis was inefficient due to the long response time
  • No access to the raw data made self-service analysis impossible
  • Customized reports could not be created as the data was not available in a user-friendly way

The Solution

To fulfill business requirements, the data must be available in a user-friendly way. Therefore, a data warehouse with Data Vault 2.0 was created in an agile fashion to collect necessary raw data from multiple plants. Business analysts and data scientists benefit from this solution because:

  • Raw data from multiple source systems is accessible
  • Data is integrated by business understanding
  • Good performance due to pre-aggregation of KPIs
  • Maintenance can be performed by an internal team
  • Faster feature deployments

Tangible Results for the Client

The developed solution consists of an integrated data warehouse, from where business users and data scientists have access to the raw data as well as the requested KPIs. They are now versed in doing further self-service analysis with tools they are familiar with after completion. Furthermore, new features can be deployed in a short period of time due to the agile developing approach.

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