About the Client

One of our clients, who mainly had problems with the implementation of privacy, security and auditability in the data warehouse, is a large financial service provider from Germany. As a bank, they are diversified and offer both b2b and b2c products.

Problem Statement

As a financial services provider, the company collects and processes a large volume of data and must protect it properly, especially in this sector. However, the existing data warehouse did not allow the company to comply with today’s standards in Data Warehousing:

  • No options to implement privacy as required by concepts such as GDPR and AML
  • No appropriate security concept
  • Auditability was not feasible 
  • New master data management systems could not be integrated

The Challenge

The client wanted to have an audible, secure and privacy compliant Data Warehouse.

This led to major challenges for the management to solve, which could lead to a cost explosions and worse if ignored:

  • Privacy (GDPR, AML etc.) → legal consequences and loss of customer trust
  • Security → high costs after disaster and loss of customer trust
  • Auditability → lack of traceability and data quality problems

Lack of master data management→ data quality issues

The Solution

The solution for the customer was to implement a new Data Warehouse which was based on Data Vault 2.0 and Data Warehouse automation with Wherescape.

This allowed Scalefree to realize the customer’s requirement:

  • Enforcing data security and privacy constraints based on the organization’s classification strategy
  • Implementing a fully audible and automated Raw Data Vault, which includes full data lineage
  • Integration of the new Master Data Management

Tangible Results for the Client

  1. Strong risk and possible consequential cost minimization through fully comprehensive security and privacy concepts 
  2. Prevent data quality problems by introducing the master data manager and data lineage
  3. Fast development to first report timings through Data Vault 2.0 and Data Warehouse Automation
If you would like to learn more about Data Vault 2.0 and how it addresses the described issues, or learn more about our consulting services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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