About the Client

A leading energy provider seeks to enhance their DataOps platform by automating their data pipeline and enhancing existing Data platform with a focus on achieving continuous delivery.

Problem Statement

Their data infrastructure, developed over time using various methods, encounters challenges in scaling, maintenance, and extension due to various reasons:

  • Existing infrastructure posed challenges in scaling, maintenance, and extension
  • Struggled with adapting and innovating effectively due to infrastructure constraints
  • Persistent issues in resolving infrastructure drifting
  • Hesitation to upgrade the core component, the sole support for all environments, due to associated risks
  • Security audit problem due to public access to the platform

The Challenge

Due to the problems mentioned above, the client was facing challenges in different aspects as follows:

  • Implementing new data platform infrastructure while ensuring reproducibility in provisioning
  • With security audit problems, they were struggling to maintain customer trust and complying with regulations
  • Risk of operational inefficiency and missed opportunities due to the inability to maintain up-to-date data infrastructures
  • Ensuring that their platform infrastructure can scale effectively to manage growing workloads.

The Solution

The client worked together with Scalefree to implement the given solution:

  • Consolidated the current data platform infrastructures and reproduced the highly scalable similar platform using Terraform
  • Migrated the workload to the new private data platform hosted on AKS
  • Jointly optimized GitOps approach using ArgoCD for configurations and deployment in Kubernetes cluster
  • Exceeded the security requirements using corporate VPN solution and private endpoints in Azure Cloud
VPN solution and private endpoints in Azure Cloud

Tangible Results for the Client

The solution addressed scalability, reproducibility, and mitigated infrastructure drift by leveraging Terraform and ArgoCD for infrastructure movement and automation. Simultaneously, the client achieved enhanced governance and improved security audits, as traffic now exclusively traverses private networks. Therefore, it facilitated them in consistently delivering insights and actionable information to their users.
Scalable, Secure, Reproducible and Automated

Technologies involved

  • Terraform
  • ArgoCD
  • Azure Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Azure DevOps

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