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In our ongoing series, our BI Consultant Lorenz Kindling addresses a question from the audience about managing soft deletes in an insert-only data environment. This topic is particularly relevant for those in the field of data warehousing, where maintaining historical data integrity and accuracy is paramount.

The question posed was, “How to track soft deletes with insert only?” Lorenz’s response explores the complexities and best practices for implementing soft deletes within an insert-only framework. He explains that soft deletes involve marking records as inactive rather than physically removing them from the database. This approach is crucial for maintaining a comprehensive historical record and ensuring that data integrity is not compromised. Lorenz suggests using a specific status indicator or a flag within the data model to denote records that are logically deleted. This allows for efficient querying and reporting without the risk of losing historical data.

Lorenz, who has been advising renowned companies since 2021 at Scalefree International, draws on his extensive experience in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing to provide practical insights. He emphasizes that by carefully planning and implementing a robust soft delete mechanism, organizations can achieve a balance between data retention and performance. Lorenz’s approach ensures that data warehouses remain both scalable and efficient, even as they grow and evolve over time.

In conclusion, Lorenz highlights the importance of adopting best practices in data warehouse automation and Data Vault modeling to manage soft deletes effectively. By using insert-only methods with proper indicators for soft deletes, organizations can maintain the integrity and usability of their data warehouses, thereby supporting long-term business intelligence and analytics goals. This strategy not only addresses common data warehousing challenges but also aligns with modern data management principles.

Meet the Speaker

Picture of Lorenz Kindling

Lorenz Kindling

Lorenz is working in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) with a focus on data warehouse automation and Data Vault modeling. Since 2021, he has been advising renowned companies in various industries for Scalefree International. Prior to Scalefree, he also worked as a consultant in the field of data analytics. This allowed him to gain a comprehensive overview of data warehousing projects and common issues that arise.

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