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As part of our continuous Data Vault Friday series, our adept BI Consultant, Lorenz Kindling, delves into a thought-provoking question posed by a keen member of our audience.

“A Link refers to multiple Hubs, but we only have one Record_Source in the Link. Or the Link is loaded from more than one Source System. What do we use as a Record Source?”

In response to this intriguing query, Lorenz delves into the critical aspect of determining record sources for links within the Data Vault methodology. He shares insights into the best practices and considerations when dealing with scenarios where a Link is associated with multiple Hubs or loaded from various Source Systems.

Lorenz’s comprehensive analysis provides clarity on the nuanced decisions involved in selecting an appropriate Record Source, ensuring that the Data Vault model maintains accuracy and coherence. This discussion underscores Lorenz’s commitment to offering practical guidance to data professionals navigating the intricacies of link modeling.

Meet the Speaker

Picture of Lorenz Kindling

Lorenz Kindling

Lorenz is working in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) with a focus on data warehouse automation and Data Vault modeling. Since 2021, he has been advising renowned companies in various industries for Scalefree International. Prior to Scalefree, he also worked as a consultant in the field of data analytics. This allowed him to gain a comprehensive overview of data warehousing projects and common issues that arise.

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