About the Client

The client was a leading financial services company with activities ranging from mortgage to insurance that wanted to make a higher number of rational decisions by becoming data-driven. Therefore they wanted to transform the current architecture to a data-driven enterprise platform.

Problem Statement

The company wanted to better connect different financial services in order to decrease operational costs by reducing data contradictions. This was mainly due to the fact that several acquisitions led to inconsistency and trust issues regarding the underlying data. A standardized, organization-wide data platform needed to be created as a result.

The current solution faced the following problems:

  • Data-related business processes were slow and rigid
  • Harmonized definitions of business objects were missing and led to costly redundancies
  • The current solution could not efficiently deal with Big Data and caused higher costs

The Challenge

Alongside accommodating these problems, the client faced a few challenges:

  • Deep technical knowledge in Data Vault 2.0 was needed and no internal resources were able to provide it
  • Responsibilities between different departments were unclear
  • The development team couldn’t decide on an applicable architecture solution to solve the problems

To clarify these points, the company was looking for an experienced consulting partner with experience in Data Vault 2.0 and implementation of managed Self-Service BI.

The Solution

Scalefree presented the client a solution that included:

  • A standard-driven conversion to Data Vault 2.0 implementation
  • Easily enabled integration of multiple source systems by Data Vault 2.0 definition
  • Providing a data model that enables standardized Managed Self Service BI
  • Improvement and completion of an Azure-based tech stack
  • Exceeding scalability and performance requirements
  • Pointing out the benefits of using a commercial automation tool and identifying spots where it would outperform the client’s current solution

Tangible Results for the Client

The review accelerated and supported solving important problems the client faced, mainly:

  1. Speeding up data-related processes by introducing a Data Vault 2.0 based agile workflow and thus reducing process-related costs
  2. Enabling harmonization of various data sources to make the data more reliable and supportive of rational decision making

Suggested Architecture:

Technologies used

  • Azure Polybase
  • Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Azure Synapse

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