About the Client

The client is the IT-Department of a leading technology and manufacturing company. This company creates smart solutions and products for pushing digitalization in the industry, in infrastructure and mobility.

Problem Statement

The client undertakes the responsibility of consolidating vast amounts of data from a multitude of sources and disseminating it to numerous departments within the organization. A key obstacle is the inadequacy of the current database and its antiquated structure, leading to considerable inefficiencies and heightened operational expenses. This inefficiency underscores the need for a more modernized and streamlined data management solution.

The Challenge

The client expressed a desire for Data Vault 2.0, emphasizing alignment with the architecture set by their internal IT department. Consequently, the following aspects required careful consideration:

  • Collect all data from several sources
  • The client is not familiar with the Data Vault 2.0 concept
  • Implementation of Data Vault 2.0 Model
  • Moving data from a core data platform to a cloud solution
  • Keeping the logic applied in the old data warehouse
  • Short timeframe

The Solution

The client selected Scalefree as its consulting partner to:

  • Migrate the data from the SAP HANA solution to Snowflake
  • Implement more organized, adaptable strategies to handle both current and incoming data
  • Create data loading processes using dbt as the automation tool
  • Maintenance of good practices from Data Vault 2.0
  • Implementing a fully audible and automated Raw Data Vault
Automated Migration with Data Vault 2.0

Tangible Results for the Client

The project delivered important assets to the client:

  • Centralized data collection which enhances efficiency, leading to decreased costs
  • Client has successfully established a modern and future-proofed data warehouse architecture
  • This architecture is key for developing reporting and analytical applications, enabling better data-driven decisions across various departments

Technologies involved

  • SAP Hana DB
  • DBT
  • Snowflake DB

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