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Understanding Data Warehouse Automation

Since the 20th century, industries have sought to apply the latest technologies towards the production and delivery of goods.  Famously, this began with Henry Ford’s first design of an automobile production line in 1914.
As the process grew in utilization, the approach became known as process automation.
The core of the model, streamlining repeatable tasks and processes, has proven to be of tremendous value to organizations by allowing the reduction of human input  and costs while maximizing efficiency.

As such, automation is currently being utilized within various areas such as manufacturing, operations, transport, and information technology.
And your team can do it too.
At Scalefree, we are more than happy to support you in this endeavour with our expertise in data warehouse automation and business process automation.

Our Areas of Expertise

Data Warehouse Automation

Legacy data warehouse solutions can no longer keep up with the current challenges of “Big Data” such as real-time/near-real-time reporting and analysis. This provides an opportunity for data warehouse automation.
As many of the design patterns as well as repetitive processes required in planning, modeling and integration of the EDW can be streamlined by means of automation tools.
In doing so within your own projects, you provide a highly efficient alternative to traditional data warehouse design. Moreover, this approach reflects modern agile IT development processes. Thus, making it possible for your EDW teams to quickly react to changes from the business side during a project.

That said, automation within a data warehouse is best supported by Data Vault 2.0.
This is owed to the fact that Data Vault 2.0 Methodology is composed of consistent, repeating patterns and ready-for-automation data warehousing processes.
And given our expertise in both Data Vault 2.0 and the best-on-the-market data warehouse automation solutions, we’re happy to help you utilize Data Vault 2.0 within your own projects.

  • Generation of ETL scripts
  • Metadata management
  • Version control
  • Data lineage
  • Test automation
  • Metrics for process execution
  • Automated documentation
  • Shorter development time

Where Automation Makes Sense in Data Warehousing

Where We Offer Support

  • Choosing the right EDW automation tool for your project
  • Kick-starting projects to introduce a new tool to your team
  • Developing alongside your project team

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Business Process Automation

Using current technology, recurring tasks or processes can be streamlined as a replacement for manual effort. This is called business process automation or BPA. At the core of this type of automation is the goal of streamlining workflows to minimize human labor in repetitive tasks which in turn will minimize costs and increase operational efficiency.
And nowadays, it’s fairly common for companies to introduce BPA within their digital transformation strategies.

Once you have successfully introduced BPA into your organization, the following benefits can be expected:

  • Enhanced transparency in business processes
  • Significant boosts in productivity
  • Improved work culture 
  • Lower error rate
  • Better process governance

Where We Offer Support

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  • Understanding your business needs and activities
  • Developing BPA for your organization 
  • Maintaining and managing automation 
  • Implementing BPA in your existing EDW
  • Sharing practical use-cases from other business sectors


We’re delighted to support our customers with the right choice of automation tools. And while there are a plethora of automation tools available on the market, we develop our recommendations based on the specific needs of your business.
In case a tool is already in place, we focus on evaluation and optimization.

A selection of tools that Scalefree works with:

EDW Automation

WS WhereScape

Business Process Automation


Data Automation


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