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Scalefree Review


Get valuable insights above and beyond your project level, within your Business Intelligence landscape and enterprise framework.


The Scalefree Review is ideal for companies who have already started to implement Data Vault and wants to find out if there are any deviations from the recommended practice that might involve risks to the enterprise data warehouse initiative.

In the end, a written review of the current risks, mitigation strategies and accolades that the consultant team has observed while working with the teams will be provided directly to the program manager or director, by email. The final result will also be presented on-site.

Review Timeline

Book your Scalefree Review.

Call with Senior Expert of Scalefree to agree on topics and agenda.

Review on-site (3 days). Senior Expert comes on site and reviews the agreed topics.

Scalefree builds the extended review paper.

The review paper is delivered to you and the results are presented to you.

Review Topics

The assessment guides selected company members through a series of questions and answers as they present their current roadblocks and difficulties.

  • Audit of the data model: everything from the stage to information marts.
  • Audit of specific aspects: GDPR, data security, data quality management, master data management.
  • Audit of the solution’s performance, especially virtualization of Information Marts (e.g. Unified Star Schema).
  • Other topics include team communication, agility, roles and responsibilities, change management, and process documentation.


Data Warehouse recommendations for your business.

25.000 €

Team Capabilities
Assessment report
Presentation on-site

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Scalefree Review service, and why is it valuable for my organization?

Our Data Vault experts are going to have an intensive look at the modeling, architecture, methodology and implementation of your Data Vault project within 3 full days. After that, we will discuss our findings with our team at Scalefree and build an extensive report about the current state of your data environment and our recommendations for the way forward. We will also present to you our findings and recommendation for actions in an on-site meetup. This ensures that you receive the necessary information, to be able to achieve all benefits of Data Vault for a scalable and high-performing Business Intelligence solution.

Who can benefit from this service, and is it suitable for organizations of all sizes?

All Data Vault projects will benefit from our review to make sure that all Data vault principles are implemented in the intended way.

What are the key objectives of the review process?

Reviewing all pillars of Data Vault 2.0: Modeling, Architecture, Methodology (incl. Implementation). Only when all parts are used correctly you can pull all the great benefits from Data Vault.

How is the assessment conducted, and what methodologies or tools are used?

We have a standard process built over years of experiences with successful Data Vault reviews. Our Data Vault experts will investigate with the support of your colleague/s the modeling, architecture, methodology and implementation of your Data Vault project.

What types of deliverables can I expect from the assessment?

You will receive an extensive report from Scalefree about our findings and recommendations. We also present the summary in an on-site meetup to you and your team.

Who are the experts conducting the assessment, and what are their qualifications?

All reviewers are trained and certified in Data Vault 2.0 by Scalefree. In addition, they have several years of experience in Data Vault projects and access to the Scalefree knowledge base.

How long does the assessment typically take, and what is the overall process timeline?

The first part of the review takes place on-site over the course of 3 days. It takes roughly another week for the Scalefree team to finish the report and presentation. The last piece of the review is presenting the findings and recommendations and conducting an extensive Q&A round at your premises. Overall, the review takes roughly 2 weeks to complete.