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Evaluation – Elaboration – Documentation and Recommendation for Action

Scalefree Review

A project review focuses on the review of an upcoming, ongoing or completed project.
To achieve an accurate review of the project, each Scalefree Review begins with a three day period of analysis.
In close cooperation with the responsible team, the current situation is professionally analyzed to determine the strengths and positive aspects of the project as well as the potential for improvements in relevant aspects of the solution.
Please note that objectives within the project are identified via an expert’s analysis and effectively adjusted with a focus on the project goal. This approach ensures that further work as well as efforts are based on a stable and verified basis.
After the review period, the outcomes of the project review will be documented by the Scalefree expert in a report, e.g. lessons learned, before being presented and discussed with the team on the final day of review.

Who Benefits from the Scalefree Review Process?

  • Those with a Data Vault 2.0 solution in use that they are currently working on.
  • Those that are planning a specific project and want to develop a secure and actionable plan.
  • Those with a project that is about to be completed or has already been completed and would like feedback from experts within the industry.


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