About the Client

The world’s largest international TV and broadband company, based in the Netherlands, wanted a better understanding of their customers. To support this, they wanted to set up a hybrid architecture based on open source platforms.

Problem Statement

The company wanted a 360-degree view of their customers for better understanding. They also needed a strategy for a new architecture to save licensing fees.

But there was a problem:

  • The customer used multiple CRM systems which led to some customers being included in more than one CRM system 
  • Due to that, there was a lack of clarity and, as a result, a greater investment of time

The Challenge

The client had no capacity and time to solve these problems. In addition, there was a lack of knowledge in the field of CRM. Yet, the client had managed to find the problem early and get help.

The client had to:

  • Recognize the customer duplicates before they can merge them
  • Identify the amount of clients they had
  • Consider the privacy security issues

The Solution

The client selected Scalefree for illustrating the new architecture. This was necessary to:

  • Prove that Data Vault 2.0 was the right approach 
  • Reduce consumer data from personal data while keeping non-personal data 
  • Data lakes with structured databases could be implemented as these were the open source-based platforms Hortonworks HDP and Greenplum mentioned

Tangible Results for the Client

The review delivered:

  1. The validation that Data Vault 2.0 is suitable
  2. A Migration plan to the new architecture which led to cost and time optimizations by reducing the number of platform licenses
  3. A concept to implement GDPR in the data architecture

Technologies used

  • Data Vault 2.0
  • Hortonworks HDP and Greenplum on MS Azure as platform

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