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In this webinar, you get introduced to the dbt package “datavault4dbt” which provides highly standardized templates for Data Vault 2.0 entities.

Experience all features of the package in a live demo session delivered by the main developer of datavault4dbt.

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Webinar Agenda

1. Introduction to DATAVAULT4dbt
2. Demo session
3. How to start
4. Creating a Data Vault Pipeline
5. Why DATAVAULT4dbt?

Meet the Speaker

Picture of Tim Kirschke

Tim Kirschke

Tim has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and has been working as a BI consultant for Scalefree since the beginning of 2021. He’s an expert in the design and implementation of BI solutions, with focus on the Data Vault 2.0 methodology. His main areas of expertise are dbt, Coalesce, and BigQuery.

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To support the creation of Visual Data Vault drawings in Microsoft Visio, a stencil is implemented that can be used to draw Data Vault models. The stencil is available at


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