About the Client

The client was one of the world’s leading technology companies for innovative digital meter technology in the energy industry. The German based company with 300 employees operates in more than 50 countries and has installed more than 8 million devices worldwide.

Problem Statement

The client needed faster generation of electronic bills to optimize and accelerate business processes.

The problems the companies faced were:

  • The client wanted to format their electronic delivery bills from one format to another. 
  • For this, they used an automation tool, but the process was not very time efficient and the reformatting took too much time.

The Challenge

  • A solution was already available but not efficient enough. A complete solution had to be reworked.
  • There needed to be a change from relational format to hierarchical format for fast generating processes.
  • It was necessary to move customers away from the automation tool and introduce a new solution.

The client and Scalefree decided to face these issues together and implement an ideal solution.

The Solution

The client selected Scalefree as its consulting partner and: 

  • Instead of an ETL tool (Extract, Transform, Load), a pure SQL script was implemented.
  • The SQL script is based on an Oracle PL/SQL extension that uses Oracle functions to format electronic delivery bills from SQL into the target XML format.
  • The script exports the electronic delivery bills in a much faster time, previously with the ETL tool the time it took to generate the was several hours. With the SQL script, exporting takes only minutes.
Faster Generation of Business Documents for a Tech Company

Tangible Results for the Client

The quicker generation of electronic delivery bills allows the company to work more efficiently. Business processes have been optimized and accelerated.

In addition, the know-how of the power users has been expanded and they are now in a position to continue to proceed with the solution independently.

Technologies used

  • SQL
  • Oracle

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