Scalefree develops a new data warehouse based on CRM sales data that not only ensures quality, stability and auditability in sales reporting but also allows the management to utilize data history and the integration of multiple operational systems.

About the Client

The client is a Danish company that operates globally in the industrial field. It focuses strongly on the best usage of data to optimize its processes and results. To archive this, the client builds its data architecture based modern solutions as Snowflake and Data Vault 2.0.

Problem Statement

The sales reports are built in Microsoft Power BI. The data for the reports was directly loaded from Dynamics 365 into the report tool.

But this solution resulted in several problems:

  • Data quality was lacking and not auditable
  • Bad maintenance and no reusability of the data
  • Expensive data storage
  • Insufficient data history
  • No combination of multiple CRM/ERP systems

The Challenge

In this project, our client needed to:

  • Migrate the data to a cost-efficient Snowflake database
  • Develop the ELT pipeline
  • Establish a stable and future-proofed data warehouse
  • Adjust Data Vault automation tools
  • Implement existing security in the database

That’s why the client was looking for a vendor-independent consulting partner with knowledge of the selected data warehouse approach and several technology stacks.

The Solution

The client selected Scalefree as its consulting partner which resulted in the following:

  • Successfully migrated the sales data to the data warehouse on Snowflake
  • Created data loading processes using Azure and dbt
  • Extended the automation framework to fit into the client’s data architecture
  • Heavily improved the report quality and auditability
  • Enabled reporting on all types of historical data while adding more operational systems to the solution

Tangible Results for the Client

The sales management team is now able to analyze the client’s sales activities with the utilization of high quality data. This includes historical data changes and the integration of multiple sales systems.

Furthermore, the client has achieved a modern and future-proofed data warehouse architecture, which builds the foundation of reporting and analytical applications for multiple departments.

Architecture & Technologies

  • MS Azure as a cloud and service provider
  • MS Dynamics 365 as the CRM source system
  • Snowflake as a cloud data warehouse
  • Data Vault 2.0 as the data methodology 
  • dbt and dbtvault (modified) as the data engineering and automation tool

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