About the Client

The client advises top-level management and operates in over 65 countries. The consulting  company pursues the goal of substantially and permanently improving the performance of its clients.

Problem Statement

The existing on-premise Data Warehouse solution did not use leading state of the art technologies. As a consulting  company, the client wanted to implement a showcase project to present to their clients as well. In this way, the client wanted to overcome  the following issues which were not feasible in the current solution as:

  • The on-premise solution was limited to certain sources
  • There were many bugs due to a misconfigured automation tool 
  • There were  performance issues with the old Data Warehouse
  • Problems connecting to cloud services plagued to process

The Challenge

Due to the fact that an on-premise solution was used, there were some challenges that arose in this regard, those being:

  • Performance issues due to limits in scaling-up and scaling-out
  • The on-premise solution was missing connectors to cloud services 
  • The current model could not integrate new sources that well
  • The client did not have technical knowledge regarding certain tools

The Solution

Against the background that there was no presentable architecture in place, we decided to create a cloud architecture and use the Data Vault 2.0 approach.

Tangible Results for the Client

With the new solution, the customer was able to:

  • Query the Enterprise Data Warehouse faster and with more concurrent users
  • Derive information with a higher business value due to the integration of new sources
  • Deliver new features without errors and in a quicker timeline

Technologies used

  • Data Lake on Amazon S3
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse on Snowflake
  • Data Warehouse Automation with Wherescape 3D/RED
  • Data Integration with snowmirror and snapLogic
  • Reporting/Dashboarding with Power BI and Tableau

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