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Frequently Asked Questions

Boot Camp Class


Is the certification included in the training?

Yes. Students receive a certificate of participation from Scalefree
International GmbH. Additionally, you have access to the certification test for the Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner (CDVP2®) by the DataVaultAlliance (DVA).

Where is the certification taking place?

The certification exam will take place on

How long is the certification period?

The exam is available exactly 2 months directly after the training. Please also plan for the certification time when you choose the appropriate date for a training course.

Do I need to let you know when I want to take the test?

No, the certification test is available 24/7 for the whole certification period. You don’t have to let us know about your plans. Just log in and start.

When is the certification taking place?

The certification test needs to be taken online after the training. The first attempt should take place soon after the course, we recommend around 2 weeks after the training. In case of a second attempt, we recommend doing the retake 1 month after the course. After successful completion of the test, the student is granted the title “Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner”.

Is it possible to check how the certification works and then leave the page?

No, if you start the exam, it will be counted as one attempt. If you leave the exam, it will be counted as a failed attempt. Please be careful where you click.

Is it possible to postpone the certification period?

No, it is not possible to postpone the certification period. This is a rule set by the certifier DataVaultAlliance.
All participants worldwide have the same rules and conditions they have to stick to guarantee a comparable certificate.

Is it possible to extend the certification period?

No, an extension of the certification period is not possible. Both attempts need to be taken during the 2 months period.

What does MC and TF mean?

MC – Multiple Choice Questions
TF – True or False Questions

What are some helpful tips to study for the certification?

During the training, your trainer will provide you with helpful tips.
Additionally, you will find some useful information on the first pages of your handout.
You should watch the preparation videos as well as the DVA 101 baseline hands-on video, which you can also find under “my courses”.
Furthermore, the attachments and the study guide in the handout are great sources to study with.

What happens if I fail on the first try?

If your score is over 68% please contact [email protected]. We can give you a review of your 1st attempt.
If you scored under 68%, please try to use the tips previously mentioned.

What information do I get from the review?

You won’t be able to see which questions you answered wrong. But you will receive assistance about which part you should review and focus more on. Please note that we can’t provide proper assistance if you contact us a few hours before the certification period ends. If you attempt your first try in the first month, we have more time to give you a proper review of your test.

How do I receive the certificate after successfully passing the test?

You will be forwarded from ClassMarker to There you can download your certificate and also use your personal page link for external verification of your certification.

Do I receive a certificate of participation?

After completing the training, you will receive a certificate of participation by Scalefree. Please note that this certification is just for participation. The Certification for Data Vault 2.0 is only available after successfully passing the test.

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