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Frequently Asked Questions

Boot Camp Class

Participants Preparations

DataVaultAlliance (DVA)

What do I need to do before the training starts?

You have to watch the “Cert:CDVP2® Day 1” preparation videos, which are very important for the live Data Vault 2.0 Boot Camp.
These videos are around 6 hours long separated into several smaller videos.

Where can I find the preparation videos on DVA?

You can find the videos by logging in to DVA, and then clicking on “My Account” –> “My courses” –> scroll down to “Certification Courses”.

When will I receive the login for the DVA?

Approximately two weeks before the start of the training, you will receive the login information for the preparation videos.

From whom will I receive the login for the DVA?

You will receive the login from: [email protected]


When do I get the login information for the certification?

The login will be sent to you on the last day of the Boot Camp, approximately in the afternoon.

Technical preparations

Are there any technical devices I need for the training?

Online training: You need to be able to use Zoom. Please check before the training if your webcam and microphone are working properly.

How do I enter the Zoom meeting again, after technical difficulties?

With the link you received a week before the training, you can log in again to the Zoom meeting.


Is hotel accommodation included?

No, you have to book and pay for your accommodation separately.

Further things

Do I need to read any training materials beforehand?

Except for the videos, you don’t need to read the handout or book before the training.

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