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Reporting and dashboarding have become the standards in business when it comes to identifying KPIs and other measurements.

As such, Enterprise Data Warehouses have emerged to support the reporting process.

Though, due to the large quantity and variety of data, a demand has developed for a method of utilizing this existing data in a manner in which it can add additional business value to a company’s needs.

Data Vault 2.0 offers a wide range of methods to provide decision support beyond standard reporting as well as critical information regarding the future.

To see for yourself, join us as we present different approaches and solutions to fully leverage the potential of your data.

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Webinar Agenda

1. What is Data Vault 2.0?
2. Introduction to advanced Analytics
3. Reporting with Data Vault 2.0
4. Utilizing Potentials of Data Vault 2.0

Meet the Speaker

Trung Ta

Trung Ta

Trung Ta has been Senior BI Consultant since 2019. As a Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner at Scalefree, his area of expertise includes Data Warehousing in a cloud environment, as well as Data Vault 2.0 modeling and implementation – especially, but not limited to, with Wherescape 3D/RED. He’s been working with industry leaders in the insurance and finance sector, advising them on building their own Data Vault 2.0 solution.

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