About the Client

A car insurance company wanted to have higher data quality and faster system response times when reporting. Additionally, they wanted to create a system which had the ability to store the data.

Problem Statement

The current use of the system was not sufficient due to the following reasons:

  • A data management problem which resulted in more work and time waste for the client
  • The system in place had problems with changing structures and therefore the effort in keeping it updated was too great
  • Data quality issues and scalability problems led to the system reaching its limits
  •  Switching to another option was more cost intensive

The Challenge

The client was facing different challenges that needed to be addressed with Scalefree: 

  • A more sophisticated system was needed to provide the information required 
  • More in-depth technical knowledge was needed which was not provided by the internal workforce
  • It was necessary to have quicker testing of the operation and systems
  • It was required to make better use of the information that was available to them

The Solution

The client selected Scalefree as its consulting partner and performed a One Day Sprint. Within this setting, exemplary data was used to show the Data Vault approach which could be used to resolve the problems the client was facing:

  • Virtual Data Vault used to show the data model
  • This approach was able to adjust to modifying structures in the data
  • Showed problems in file formatting and a business key problem

Tangible Results for the Client

 With the use of the One Day Sprint the client learned how to: 

  • Optimize timings and fix data quality
  • Focus on developing new features
  • Make better use of their information 
  • Reduce their costs due to less effort with the new system 
  • Adjust the processes currently in use

Technologies used

  • Kafka
  • SQL

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