About the Client

The client, a multinational bank boasting numerous branches across the globe, needed an application to ease data modeling, downstream in the business vault.

Problem Statement

Our client had efficiency problems using multiple pieces of application for a single purpose and difficulties for accessing data in a friendly manner:

  • Preparation and importation without any automation and quality checks
  • Modeling data manually using excel and no possibilities for parallel work
  • Centralized place for saving the progress was missing

The Challenge

Additionally, client faced the following issues:

  • Their input data had to be standardized manually which was labor intensive
  • Importation of the data was fragile and was susceptible to human error
  • Searching in the database was a bottleneck which needed multiple queries to find a single relevant record
  • Viewing the related records in a tree view structure was not possible
Centralized database to save and access the results

The Solution

Introducing BDM, an all-in-one tool custom-built to model, save, and retrieve data, meeting the clients expectations with precision and serving their needs:

  • Easy importation with quality check to prevent data inconsistencies and errors
  • Multiple users could work at the same time over the network
  • A centralized database to save and access the results easily
  • A keyword search prevents the need for queries against the database
  • Ultimately, this single application eliminates manual work while delivering value

Tangible Results for the Client

  • The application is now used by more than twenty users over a network, writing and reading data simultaneously.
  • It now helps them to provide business value much more efficiently by working with the tool over the network.
  • Moreover, the manual work was minimized and quality checks helped tackle the errors.

Technologies involved

  • Python (Kivy as front-end)
  • SQL as database
  • Data Vault 2.0

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