About the Client

The client is a global financial services provider and bank, operating across more than thirty countries. They aim to enhance their data warehousing solution to future-proof their data-driven decision-making process.

Problem Statement

The client wants to leverage their data effectively to gain insights, but their current technology hinders their progress, caused by:

  • On-premise solutions limit the client’s scalability and agility, causing operational inefficiencies, increased costs, and a competitive disadvantage
  • Outdated development tools cause delays in generating critical reports, hindering timely decision-making and accurate business insights
  • Legacy data warehouse fails to address compliance issues creating vulnerabilities that could lead to fines, operational disruptions, and loss of customer confidence

The Challenge

The client faced several obstacles:

  • Tool Selection: Guidance was required in integrating the most suitable development tools to drive automation and make future cloud migrations possible
  • Data Vault 2.0 Expertise: The internal knowledge to implement Data Vault 2.0 was incomplete
  • Cloud Migration Strategy: Support was needed in defining a clear strategy for transitioning away from on-premise solutions
  • GDPR Compliance Assurance: Ensuring ongoing GDPR compliance within the new data environment was another aspect

The Solution

Scalefree helped to overcome the challenges through these solutions:

  • Implemented a Data Vault 2.0 architecture, providing a foundation for scalable and adaptable data warehousing
  • Migrated all data into the new Data Vault 2.0 solution on SQL Server
  • Accelerated development and automation by migrating to dbt, improving collaboration, time-to-market, and version control
  • Developed a cloud migration roadmap within the Data Vault 2.0 implementation
  • Implemented GDPR-compliant data governance processes, ensuring data privacy
Replacing the legacy warehouse and getting cloud ready

Tangible Results for the Client

  • Faster access to insights: Data Vault 2.0 and dbt accelerate the development of insightful reports
  • Enhanced data quality: Data Vault 2.0 ensures accurate and trustworthy data for confident decision making
  • Faster time-to-market: Streamlined development with dbt enables the rapid rollout of data-driven solutions
  • Cloud-ready for future growth: The cloud migration strategy makes seamless scaling possible
  • Reduced compliance risk: GDPR-compliant processes mitigate potential fines

Technologies involved

  • DBT
  • SQL Server
  • Data Vault 2.0

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