About the Client

The client was a leading IT infrastructure provider for DATEV systems. As they merged into a larger corporate group, their systems needed to adjust to this new business context.

Problem Statement

The client was tasked by their new parent corporation to adjust to new corporate standards which required a modernization of several processes:

  • Revenue reporting
  • Contract forecasting
  • Day-to-day operational sales reporting

Also, the old manual billing systems were in dire need of being replaced for their high workload-creating processes on internal teams.

The Challenge

In a minimal timeframe, our customer needed to react to multiple complex challenges:

  • The ongoing development of a new pricing model was dynamically changing the complexity of the new billing automation system.
  • The reporting had to comply with corporate standards. So most reporting processes needed changes.
  • Simultaneously the client needed to transfer all company assets to the new corporate environment. All existing assets and processes needed to be reviewed and changed quickly.

The Solution

The combination of look-ahead data management and the native Salesforce reporting functionality implemented by Scalefree was the key to meeting corporate standards.

The transfer process from a standalone company to a corporate subsidiary company took only about two weeks to complete inside of Salesforce.

The core elements of sustainable change were:

  • Established Agile development processes
  • Intensive Internal Training Sessions on-site
  • Use of the native Salesforce Reporting Solution to minimize re-training
  • User adoption monitoring
Finding a Salesforce Reporting Solution

Tangible Results for the Client

The results were a unified, standardized revenue reporting solution that can also be used to generate forecasting insights regarding future and ongoing business. Our client could prove its tech savviness towards the new parent company and establish a good standing because of immediate and accurate revenue reporting.

Technologies involved

  • Salesforce Core Platform
    • Sales Cloud
    • Service Cloud
    • Custom Applications
  • JustOn
  • Own Backup

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