About the Client

The client was the central funding institute of a German federal state. As an institution under public law, it supports the federal state in fulfilling its public duties in different areas.

Problem Statement

The company wanted to develop a new enterprise data warehouse (EDW) based on Data Vault 2.0 with the goal of replacing the existing legacy system. The new EDW aims to integrate the data of the reporting and application system and later also of the risk controlling one central system.

The customer was facing the following problems:

  • Insufficient performance
  • Missing standards
  • No automation

The Challenge

Scalefree was asked to review the project as the client was not able to solve the problems on their own and needed experts in the field who could provide the necessary experience to analyze the problems and work out solutions. 

The customer needed support with the following questions:

  • How to improve the performance of the data warehouse?
  • Which standards are missing and which deviate from recommended practice?
  • How can the current risks be minimized?

The Solution

The focus of this project was the consultant’s experience and insights, which were guiding the participants. 

Scalefree was able to help and implement the following solutions:

  • Working the load architecture and removing load dependencies
  • Improving the load performance by implementing the most up-to-date Data Vault 2.0 best practices
  • Automation of the EDW processes and load architecture
  • Adding a Metadata Management
  • Implementing a Business Data Vault
Methodology Architecture Modelling and Implementation in Data Vault 2.0

Tangible Results for the Client

The following issues were successfully resolved:

  • Saving costs by improving performance
  • Time savings through automation of processes 
  • Increase of transparency and consistency of digitized business and reporting processes
  • Time and cost savings led to facilitation of maintainability and further development
  • Ensuring of information quality
  • Faster reaction times with regard to a changed market or reporting environment

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