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  • Julien Salamin says:

    On my actual project, we need to use a multi-active satellite and we checked this article. We are using SQL SERVER where we have the function STRING_AGG, but the fact is, the function accepts only one column. And we have more than 100 columns in the table. So is it possible to add to this article example’s queries to show HOW you use LISTAGG, STRING_AGG or other db functions to calculate your hash diff, because in your example it’s easy, you have just one column with a phone number. How do you manage the case where the number of column could make a concatenation over the max size of a nvarchar for example.

    • Ole Bause says:

      Hi Julien,
      If the concatenation for the hashdiff calculation exceeds the maximum possible size you should consider splitting your attributes into multiple (multi-active) satellites (e.g. by splitting by rate of change). Also may not all attributes are multi-active and you could split the descriptive attributes into one or more standard satellites and one multi-active satellite. I would not recommend to put that high amount of columns into a single satellite table.
      I hope that helped.
      – Ole

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