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In our ongoing Data Vault Friday series, our CEO Michael Olschimke delves into a thought-provoking question from our audience.

“When calculating hash_key in links in Business Vault, it sometimes can be quite expensive to join all hubs to get the business keys, etc. In many cases, we keep those hash_keys to keep the standards only. And even for any case where you may need to build a satellite for that link, that means you would have the same granularity. So is it still a no-go to generate the link hash_key from the hub hash_keys to prevent expensive joins in some cases? If so, what do you suggest?”

In this insightful video, Michael addresses the considerations and challenges related to calculating hash keys in links within the Business Vault. The question prompts a discussion on the trade-offs between keeping hash keys for standards and the potential expense of joins, especially when dealing with multiple hubs.

Michael shares his expertise on hashing practices in Data Vault 2.0 links, offering recommendations and considerations to optimize the balance between standards and performance in the Business Vault.

Meet the Speaker

Michael Olschimke

Michael has more than 15 years of experience in Information Technology. During the last eight years he has specialized in Business Intelligence topics such as OLAP, Dimensional Modelling, and Data Mining. Challenge him with your questions!

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