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In our ongoing Data Vault Friday series, our CEO Michael Olschimke addresses a thought-provoking question from our audience.

“A company might have many assets. The asset dimension contains many descriptive fields describing the company, leading to redundancy. When does it make sense to separate the attributes into their own dimension? If a dimension attribute is often used in filtering, does it make sense to separate this into its own dimension?”

In this enlightening video, Michael delves into the considerations and decision-making process surrounding the design of dimensional models derived from a Data Vault model. Specifically, he explores the scenario where the asset dimension contains numerous descriptive fields, potentially leading to redundancy. Michael provides insights into when it makes sense to separate these attributes into their own dimension and discusses the factors influencing this decision.

Furthermore, the discussion extends to instances where a dimension attribute is frequently used in filtering and whether it warrants a separate dimension. Michael’s explanation offers practical guidance and considerations for optimizing the target models while managing redundancies effectively.

For those involved in data modeling and dimensional design within the Data Vault framework, this video provides valuable insights and strategic considerations.

Meet the Speaker

Michael Olschimke

Michael has more than 15 years of experience in Information Technology. During the last eight years he has specialized in Business Intelligence topics such as OLAP, Dimensional Modelling, and Data Mining. Challenge him with your questions!

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