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Join our webinar as our expert dives into the process of selecting the tech stack for your open-source Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) project.

Learn more about essential considerations such as evaluating vendors, leveraging open-source products, and understanding key components like databases, automation tools, DevOps, infrastructure, and visualization.

Furthermore, discover the power of combining Data Vault 2.0 with an open-source tech stack and learn how it can empower your EDW project.

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Webinar Agenda

1. Evaluating Vendors and Leveraging Open-Source Products
2. Key Components of a EDW Tech Stack and Tools to consider
3. The Power of Data Vault 2.0 in Combination with Open Source Tech Stack

Meet the Speaker

Picture of Lorenz Kindling

Lorenz Kindling

Lorenz is working in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) with a focus on data warehouse automation and Data Vault modeling. Since 2021, he has been advising renowned companies in various industries for Scalefree International. Prior to Scalefree, he also worked as a consultant in the field of data analytics. This allowed him to gain a comprehensive overview of data warehousing projects and common issues that arise.

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