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The Customized Data Vault 2.0 Training is a flexible one-day class that caters to specific needs, typically conducted in-house or for special interest groups. The duration of the training can vary, ranging from a half-day (for user groups) to a full-day, fully customized session tailored to the company’s requirements. In some cases, the training can extend up to five full days, depending on the schedule. Participants may also have the option to pursue certification, which involves a three-day class with content similar to the Data Vault 2.0 Boot Camp, culminating in a private certification.

This specialized Data Vault Customized Training is curated for a diverse audience, including project managers, IT implementers, data architects, business analysts, data modelers, and ETL programmers. The content is designed to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals in these roles, providing them with practical insights and skills applicable to their specific domains. Whether it’s a shorter session for user groups or extensive, company-tailored training, Customized Training offers a versatile and targeted approach to enhancing the capabilities of participants.

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To support the creation of Visual Data Vault drawings in Microsoft Visio, a stencil is implemented that can be used to draw Data Vault models. The stencil is available at


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