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Contrary to a common misconception, Data Vault 2.0 is not exclusively bi-temporal, and this belief is incorrect. In our enlightening “Multi-Temporal Data Vault 2.0 Class” spanning two days, participants gain valuable insights into the concepts of multi-temporal data warehousing. This class equips attendees with the essential foundation to independently develop solutions within a Data Vault 2.0-based enterprise data warehouse.

The class achieves its objectives by delving into various timelines and perspectives, laying the groundwork for understanding multi-temporal data warehousing. The exploration encompasses three main perspectives, each outlining specific requirements for an Enterprise Data Warehouse. The ultimate aim is to empower attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to craft solutions in a Data Vault 2.0 context.

Throughout the class, diverse scenarios, including multi-active and real-time perspectives, are thoroughly examined. By addressing specific patterns associated with these scenarios, participants gain practical insights that can be directly applied to enhance their understanding and implementation of multi-temporal data warehousing within the framework of Data Vault 2.0.

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