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At the core of our client’s objectives lies the aspiration for long-term data success. To achieve this, our team of seasoned and Data Vault 2.0 certified consultants is dedicated to assisting your organization in harnessing the power of Big Data concepts, particularly emphasizing Data Vault 2.0. The goal is to foster a comprehensive 360-degree understanding of your complete business processes.

In our implementation approach, we adhere closely to the original vision of Data Vault 2.0 as envisioned by Dan Linstedt, the pioneering mind behind Data Vault. This involves steadfast adherence to the standards and best practices encapsulated within the four pillars: Methodology, Architecture, Modeling, and Implementation. By upholding these principles, we ensure a robust and effective implementation that aligns with the foundational concepts of Data Vault 2.0.

Furthermore, our expertise extends into the realm of Big Data, where we leverage our knowledge to seamlessly integrate structured operational data, unstructured web data, and real-time Internet of Things (IoT) data. This holistic approach allows us to provide a comprehensive solution that spans diverse data sources, enabling your organization to derive valuable insights and navigate the complexities of the modern data landscape.

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To support the creation of Visual Data Vault drawings in Microsoft Visio, a stencil is implemented that can be used to draw Data Vault models. The stencil is available at


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