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The Data Vault Review and Assessment Package has a distinct focus on “reviewing” and “guiding” rather than the generation or presentation of new material. This service is centered around leveraging the consultant’s experience and insights to guide participants through a series of questions and answers, allowing them to articulate their current roadblocks and challenges.

The primary objective of this package is to facilitate seamless collaboration among teams and establish a robust foundation for both the program and its associated projects. Specifically tailored for companies that have already initiated Data Vault implementation, the service aims to identify any deviations from recommended practices that could pose risks to the enterprise data warehouse initiative.

The key outcome of this process is a comprehensive written review, detailing current risks, mitigation strategies, and commendable practices observed by the consultant while working with the teams. These deliverables will be directly provided to the program manager or director. Additionally, upon request, the results can be presented on-site in a detailed presentation format for further discussion and clarification.

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To support the creation of Visual Data Vault drawings in Microsoft Visio, a stencil is implemented that can be used to draw Data Vault models. The stencil is available at


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