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Embarking on a complex project is a formidable task, but introducing a Proof of Concept (POC) can significantly mitigate risks associated with crucial decisions. The plan meticulously crafted in the workshop is translated into action through the POC, providing a practical demonstration of the project’s basic feasibility. Beyond this, the POC serves as a comprehensive check to ensure all desired outcomes are achievable, considerations are thoroughly addressed, team members are adequately prepared, and the project aligns with its intended business value.

This crucial step in the project lifecycle offers the opportunity to validate ideas and confirm their practicality, leveraging the experience gained from the POC to fine-tune and enhance the overall project plan. The POC’s outcomes provide valuable insights into potential obstacles and available solutions, setting the stage for a more accurate projection and budgeting of subsequent rollout efforts.

Drawing from our experience and customer feedback, we highly recommend incorporating a POC at the project’s inception. This early confirmation step ensures that the concepts and strategies developed in the workshop not only work but also deliver tangible value to the business. The POC becomes a pivotal tool in identifying obstacles, evaluating solutions, and establishing a solid foundation for the success of the entire project.

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