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The Data Vault 2.0 Boot Camp is designed as an introductory and intermediate class, guiding participants through the fundamental aspects of Data Vault 2.0. The course delves into the ‘why,’ ‘what,’ and ‘how’ of Data Vault 2.0, providing comprehensive coverage of business justifications. Notably, it extends beyond conventional Data Vault modeling to encompass a broad range of new topics.

This comprehensive class spans modeling, methodology, architecture, and implementation, constituting a holistic Business Intelligence system. The goal is to transform students into practitioners with a deep understanding of Data Vault 2.0 concepts. While the book “Building a Scalable Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0” offers valuable information, the boot camp course offers a more in-depth analysis of the underlying principles of Data Vault 2.0.

One distinctive feature of the boot camp is its inclusion of numerous topics not covered in the book, including best practices. Participants can expect to gain insights into ETL design paradigms, access working templates (both conceptual and SQL), and learn best practices for a successful Data Vault 2.0 implementation.

An added benefit of the course is its focus on addressing the needs of those already familiar with Data Vault 1.0. It provides an in-depth explanation of how to upgrade a DV 1.0 system to DV 2.0, offering practical guidance for those looking to evolve their existing systems.

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To support the creation of Visual Data Vault drawings in Microsoft Visio, a stencil is implemented that can be used to draw Data Vault models. The stencil is available at


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